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Bring on the sparkle!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019


New Year’s Eve is the one day of the year you get to dress as extra as you want without worrying if it’s “too much.” That means all those sequin outfits you have saved on your phone are all fair game. Whether you’re going to a house party, a fancy dinner or an all-out event, here are my top sequin pieces to say hello to 2020!

The easiest way to be festive, yet casual? A sequin top paired with your favorite jeans. It’s the perfect outfit formula for any casual NYE plans or house party hopping. Since you can probably expect cold weather to ring in the new year, I love a sequin long sleeve or bodysuit.


For something a little more fancy, a sequin dress is the way to go. The Retrofete sequin dress has been a major trend this year and they have tons of colors that are all perfect for NYE. If it’s a little over a budget, I’ve found a ton of other more affordable options linked below!


Lately, I’ve been seeing so many great sequin two piece pantsuits which just scream NYE. If you want to be more casual, sequin pants or a sequin skirt and a knit turtleneck would be super chic.

(Via Modo operandi )


To me any kind of blazer is an investment piece, even a sequin one. From New Years to birthday celebrations, you’ll be surprised how much you actually wear it year after year (especially if it’s black!) Throw it in over a silk cami and you’ll ready to ring in the new year!


What’s New Years without some festive accessories? To complete your outfit or to give a simpler outfit that extra glitz, add some statement crystal earrings, some jeweled hair clips or even some shimmery tights. 

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