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Boys will be Boys

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Hello guys! Today more than a fashion or shopping guide I want to talk to you about real and raw problems in the modeling industry.

This whole week I saw everywhere this posts on social media.. and it just reminds me when I first started my modeling career.

I had to face many situations that make me grow as the women I am today, but more of sharing my history I want to be a VOICE so you can learn from it.

The sad reality this is happening in every part of the world guys, not only in Colombia but everywhere!

Modeling has always been one of the most important things in my life since I was 8 years old I started in the fashion environment when I was a little girl with big dreams and a promised career.

The time past and things in school weren’t good, so I left for a few years the modeling , I came back when I was 11 —12 years old. At this point everything was nice, I had just enter in this pageant modeling contest ELITE MODELS LOOK . I meet beautiful people there, I made good friends, and I became a finalist. I left my hometown to came to the United States and after 2 years I went back to my hometown Colombia.

I wasn’t that little girl anymore, and things with the model industry started to change, here’s were you can see the face behind the mask... I had meet this Agent from a really well name “Agency” in Colombia in a casting, I was told that I had to spend the night with him if I wanted to be on the shows and campaign for that fashion week (one of most important fashion weeks in the country), and after that he wanted to keep seeing me. I felt shocked by his request, and when I said that it was not OK for me he said “that it wasn’t a big deal,but I could think about it and if I changed my mind I could give him a call” I was very disappointed and ashamed.

It’s not a secret that there’s millions of Model Agency’s in Colombia and around the world where to pursue a dream has become this.. It’s so sad how they are denigrating the value of a beautiful career, After that incident I couldn’t believe in modeling the way I used to I didn’t want to be a part of that and my decision to leave the industry it was every time more and more strong. I was given up on modeling, after that more episodes happen, where I was showing up to a shoot and the photographer was trying to pass the line .. or when this online Scams contacted me for fake campaigns and shoots. Many times I ask God if that was a sign ... maybe I should not be in this anymore.. Maybe this is not for me? And here’s where I learn ,there’s bad people in this world, but it’s in you if you let that people decide in your life and in your own choices. People like him should not get away with this behavior anymore. After all those experiences I learned that life it’s always given you opportunities with good and bad people but you decide it, what I am trying to say with all of this is that never ,never do something that is against your values and your Identity, always believe in the person that you are, don’t trust this fake persons that all they want to do it’s cutting off your wings. I know there’s so many girls and guys out there that want to be in this industry, believe me nothing happens so easy, you have to work hard to be on the position you want to be.

*Always make sure the castings that you are going are 100% verified. Remember there’s a 100 scams out there!

*There’s millions good agencies, believe in your potential and what you can offer and encourage yourself to do it the right way.

Don’t think it’s easy, it’s not only to take that picture you don’t know the story behind it. I hope my experience instead of something to be ashamed at it’s something that can help or be a voice for you guys,

To all the girls, it is OK to say NO to things that make you feel uncomfortable wether it’s on work or out. Always stay safe don’t take your safety for granted.

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Don’t give up on your dreams guys!

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