• Stephanie Rodgers

Bloggers awards 🌟

Hello guys!

My heart it’s so full and happy 💖 this past Sunday was the premier of the South Florida Bloggers Awards 2017 at The Coral Gables Museum in downtown, there were photo opportunities, lunch was sponsored by Shake Shack, and a lot of Brand & PR meet and greets! What a wonderful experience get to know people that really understand this is more than a job, a community!

I can’t even start describing the food situation by Shake shack because I’m already craving those burgers and deserts heaven it’s the perfect world for Honey bee and best cupcakes (gluten free) by crave clean

but if you don’t believe me let the pictures talk about it.

Seriously guys my heart it’s so full and happy! Thank you! 🌹

Did you check out my Snapchat? I was going crazy there posting

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