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Beach day goals with the Confidante

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hello guys!

I recently got invited this week to a beach day at the @confidante Hotels by Boucher Brothers with different influencers and bloggers to share and have a nice beach day with you all, and enjoy all the amazing benefits of this dynamic duo.

The hotel was as enchanting and wonderful as always because I had been to that place before but never staying in! . Almost every corner in the Confidante was detailed with beautiful colors and perfect, lush green landscaping. — it was absolutely stunning and I was truly thankful for this brunch babe beach day! I got to met so many nice people and spending the day by the beach, playing on the sand and doing water sports with my little one.

special thanks to Boucher Brothers for having us!

Some of my favorite swim styles this summer is this one from @Beachriot rather than the traditional triangle top. There are SO many cute options out there right now, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite styles for you below. Take a look and enjoy our day!

photos by @claudiagomez

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