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Basics on your closet

Talking about a million dollars closet I wish I could have one. lol ..

Hey guys! I have seen that a few of you had written me on Instagram and here.

why do I shop expensive clothes? Which it's not really like that guys.. We'll it's not about to have a million dollar closet, it's knowing to choose the right essentials in a closet.

-A must have a good pair of jeans, especially WHITE.

-A few t- shirts white or prints , letters and whatever pattern you like on it. A jacket whether it's leader, jean or a bomber one. You always, always have to have one.

-A good black dress, Nude and black high heels. This honestly has saved me so many times I swear! Slip-On Sneakers!

and last item white sneakers babes,

this season, solidifying its place on the wardrobe-essentials* *list. Comfortable enough to walk miles in but give any outfit an extra dose of cool , casual look.

Did I mention that I'm obsessed with white boots? 😍

I promise that you can make different outfits with basics things it doesn't have to be a fancy brand or expensive if you have a little imagination and wear it right.

Guys also BABE ALERT! and go check out @Sugarhigh this is a great online shop , they have the cutest basic, clothes and it's not expensive. I love it.

Till the next post.

love you

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