• Stephanie Rodgers

Bahamas for the weekend

Guys... I went to the Bahamas with friends a few weeks ago and it was awesome!

I found my new favorite swimsuit

Not even exaggerating...

We had a great time at the Atlantis Resort - Cove in Bahamas.

As you can see we had so much fun, there were time for everything.. food , tours I got to swimming with dolphin! I wish they could take me better pictures ¡Huh!

Highlights of the trip! 🌸

Went to this cool place that was an old house in the island with the most expensive wines you can’t even imagine.

Definitely seeing the dolphins was one of my favorites things to do.

Ohh and don’t let me forget the clubs

Our bottle of champagne came just in time! Hahah and I got to meet beautiful people, and hopefully a long time friendships.

Anyways... that's all for today.

Hope everyone's having a fabulous week! I'm about to go die at spin class, because all of that good food?!! wish me luck.

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