• Stephanie Rodgers

Accepting your body

When it comes to confidence, I think for almost 50% of girls are here) it's one of the hardest obstacles to accepting your body.

It is a struggle that I’ve heard so many girls talk about for as long as I can remember. Just like a quick experience (when I go to castings some girls just said .. I wish I could have your body , or her bobs or things like that)

When I was in high school this was (at least for me), very conscious with my body. All the girls in my class had this big body's and I was so tiny that I had felt that I wasn't part of the "group " like I didn't fit. because I grew up with modeling this helped me a lot to be more confident! I never had a health disorder like bulimia or anorexia but body image issues can fully consume you if you're not careful.

From feeling self-conscious of "Not being as a part of the group ", I’ve found ways to move past that and love my body instead – the way it it's. the human body is pretty amazing and it’s taken me years to truly appreciate what I have, not what I don’t have.

I think when I got my eye about fashion, I was looking what works for my body has been a journey that has amplified while blogging – being in front of a camera it can be intimidating! I’ve been able to see my first-works from a few years and now I know what works for me, what doesn’t, what I feel best in, and how to develop that body acceptance that is so necessary.

So as I put some thought into how fashion has helped me accept my body more, I thought it would be helpful to share a few tips I’ve picked up when it comes to dressing for your body!

– and I go back to these reminders if I find myself feeling down my own:


Small waist ? Highlight your figure! If you have killer legs?? Wear beautiful skirts and mini dresses . Have gorgeous, strong arms? Tanks tops alll the way!!

Sometimes we think what's on trend it's good for us but ask yourself.. does this look on me?

Shop accordingly to what you feel good in, there's nothing wrong with wearing that style of crop top over and over but just switch up the textures, prints, colors, to make your closet feel inspiringly!

If you’re uncomfortable, you will not feel your best, it’s just a fact. Don’t worry about what other people are wearing or even what’s the newest trend if those aren’t

YOU!-Find items that you’re comfortable in.

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