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A breakup letter

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

After 2 years together .. how can you describe 2 years in one paper? I’m sitting here at the airport waiting to board my plane to Miami . I’ve already written 4 times on my iPhone notes thinking of the right way to start this… I’m just thinking about coming home and what I look forward seeing my daughter, right now she’s the only one who have the power to stopping me to do a stupid thing . I am most excited about cozying up in my own bed, crying the more tears I need to take out.

But somehow I feel like the answer is supposed to be you again.

He was quite different, he is a free spirit, wild and passionate , lover of a good wine , the sweetest and compassionate at the same time

so caring, and loyal to his friends I had never met someone like him.

-faith Or universe?

we had met on in Miami ..

If I am honest with myself now I feel completely devastated, dragged into the lowest point, upset and disappointed about life.

¿ Life it's unfair? pathetically defrauded, deep down in my heart I always knew it.

It was coming.. an hours ago he was the Man that I consider myself to get married with, and now he's just another guy, that left me utterly broken heart.

I didn't have more tears to cry, and not every relationship is meant to be, but I really believed we could had hope.

so I wrote him a letter....

Dear 41 o'clock For some reason I feel oddly comfortable sharing everything with you , sharing my life.

and I think that is what drew me to you in the first place, besides that I got madly in love with you , In the past I’ve held things to protect myself, but with you .. well you got me.

Telling myself every day I would work through it on my own, but one day we both wake up with our hearts in different places, I wonder where was yours? life , circumstances didn’t work , I assumed you had a lot on your plight.

but Love is supposed to be honest, I fight my heart out for this relationship, just like you fighting for your company, freedom, employee, house , your soul. but you did fight for all.. but you forgot to fight for me.

I probably did stupid things for it ..

I had read back and forth our conversations they all left me completely emotional, crying all over the place, with no desire of anything other than staying in bed and sleep to wake up from this nightmare one day. And I don’t know why I don’t feel swept off of my feet this time, and It’s 100 times harder.

because we didn’t end out of love .. that was never a reason.

you are such an amazing person that deserve memorable experiences since our (date one) and I would died and want to gift them to you. but I am here hoping the time, will pass, will help me to forget and forgive would cure our problems and wounds in both of our hearts.

I waited for so long I saw our end, always knew you really care, and I wished for a future I shouldn’t be planning these things in my head just because I always knew.

I think I deserve this time now, after months of waiting for you.

my heart It’s healing and all I have are these memories with you in my head.

Only God knows the true to our story, but I feel thankful for having someone like you in my life -years .. those little moments are the ones we are going to keep forever O’clock 41. It's a rough path the one it's coming, for us but i am sure the universe will play in your favor. I will be right by next to you, even if I’m not there. 💫

And when you think you can't anymore God will show you the way. I hope one day my heart it's ready for love , for you ! You again, to be happy!

happy sounds great In the future! ..

A beautiful, easy life just like you wanted, I already know I want the world for you, maybe you just don’t know it yet, I just don’t think we are going to share that one together.

And that's what breaks my heart knowing that we could have a beautiful life together in the future. ¿but does the future existence show is me?

See you soon.

I only wish in my heart that you are well even if you are not with me 🌙✨

Love, Stephy


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