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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Remember that time I went to saint Marteen last summer?

Yeah.. that place changed my life.

This blog post has been in the works for a WHILE! Apologies on the delay guys… but life, you know?

It's Been awhile since I’ve written.. I thought I’d touch base with you

In these months I’ve moved to this new place… I’ve worked for a startup, I started a blog, dated , fell out of love, got broken heart. oh.. and quit my vip host job, and wanted to run away.. (well not really) but it feels like I’ve been all over the place, but now… in this moment.. I am excited about pressing the restart button for one more time and "saying to myself you gotta believe"in this new chapter.. so I'm here sharing my journey.

So how to start over? ..

Let go of failures

Let's say that there are anchors preventing you from moving forward. so think about this

If it doesn’t serve your goal.. get rid of it! I spent a lot of time feeling guilty for not seeing and for putting all this pressure in the blog.( I really wanted to work) it was like my only illusion in that moment after I thought I had lose everything. like I felt lost somehow until I realized I was afraid of something new.

Where you spend your time is where your passion will be.

 It’s ok to not know what you want to do with your life,I think everyone has been in that position called for love, work, life.. but if each day is like a penny… where we give our time is where we find our passion.

the funny thing is like IT WAS ALWAYS THERE. I just didn't see it.

I started spending time reaching out to people I looked up to. Connecting with them over coffee and finding inspiration in their passion. When you find a mentor, it makes your dreams feel possible.

Say “No” sometimes it’s good for you.

I honestly don‘t like it when I say no to someone .. but if I had learned something after all is That you can’t waist your time with people who doesn’t deserve it. who doesn't valued you and aprreciate what you do for them.

when I first moved to the United States in all over the places ..lol

I think meeting up with "friends" and being social should have been added to my resume. I would spend hours in traffic to make that 20 minute Starbucks date… listen guys investing time in others is more for them then it is for you.

so always put your dreams, your peace of mind , your health, YOU YOU first!

love, Stephy

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