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3 beauty tips I live by

Happy week guys!

You’ve asked! and now I’m answering 🙌 My routine and my 3 skincare tips I honestly can’t live without. Sharing my favorite in today’s post! Read on to fall in love with my tips I use in my home ✨

Can’t believe in a few days it’s my birthday and valentine‘s day already 🥰 so grateful for being here another year.

But talking about years it’s not a secret that with over the years your skin change and some things that weren’t there are now a thing! Ha ..

This is why it’s so important to take care of your body and most important your skin!

My skincare routine is in the midst of a major revival, and there are a few ways I’ve been shaking things up. The big one is how I moisturize, and don’t do makeup 24/7 .

Just like everything else your skin needs to breath sometimes too.. so as much i am not shooting content or going out I don’t use makeup. That way my skin it’s not overwhelming with all the products I had used before and the others days as wel.

once in the morning after washing my face and once at night before bed… Always take your makeup off !

1. Less is more

Don’t overdue your makeup when your skin it’s having issues a break outs , dryness, puffiness.

this always gets worse and what we are trying to cover it .. would look more bad.

2. Ice it’s your best friend

did you know that ice it’s one of the best natural treatments that are most used in spa? Most well-known and effective for Smooth Skin, acne problems and many more. -How to use it? Every night or before going to sleep, try washing your face, fill a plastic bag or you can use a (skin roller as well )with ice and gently massage your face and neck area for about 2/3 minutes. In a few days, you will have visible results, your skin will become fresh and smooth. Ice treatment also prevents wrinkles and helps you sleep better.  Ice has the property of tightening the skin as well as shrinking enlarged pores. It is a natural toner for your skin and works very well when applied before using makeup. What it actually does is to shrink the pores under the makeup, making the foundation look smooth and flawless.

3. Let your skin breath - Allowing your skin to breathe will help you to feel more fresh and radiant, while also helping to keep any unwanted skin problems away.

this would take 3 steps if you really want to see the changes..

A. Always take off your makeup - Clean your brushes.

B. Makeup free day #nomakeupsunday

C. Mosterizer - hydrate. D. Exfoliate

One of the most important parts of learning how to get clear skin is letting your skin breathe. At least once a week, take a day where you don’t use any product on your face, including makeup and facial creams. This will allow your skin to have the chance to breathe, and will give it a much needed break from pore-clogging products. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts as the buildup of preservatives and oils in the makeup can cause blotchiness or acne. ☹️

Wearing makeup can be the cause of the blemishes you are trying to conceal, thus the beginning of a vicious cycle. Wearing makeup less often may clear your skin to the point where you don’t need to use as much concealer. Even if you wash your face regularly throughout the week, you can still unknowingly leave behind makeup residue, so a day or two on the weekend without makeup will ensure your skin is at its best. Hydrate Staying hydrated is not only important for your body, it’s important for learning how to get clear skin! There are a lot of ways to hydrate your skin, from using a moisturizer to drinking more water. Hydration is vital in the quest for supple, radiant skin. Hydrating your skin helps to let it breathe – the water you take in aids in the amount of oxygen you will gain in your body, skin.

Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. In order to ensure you’re getting your full 8 glasses a day, try drinking 2 glasses right away when you wake up. Then have at least one to two glasses of water before each meal. Remember though, nothing happens overnight so you may not notice the results of increased hydration for a few weeks. Drinking water is the best way to hydrate your body but sometimes we just don’t get enough. more healthy and youthful appearance. Without proper hydration, our skin will turn dry, flaky and tight. Dry skin is less resilient and thus more prone to wrinkles, something that we are all trying to avoid!

👉🏻Hydration can also come in the form of a good moisturizer, applied after your cleansing routine.😊

Cleanse The single most important thing we can do each day when discovering how to get bletter skin is to cleanse. The texture, tightness and long-term health of your skin is defined by how you take care of it.

-That means cleaning off the makeup and products we put on our face each and every day is a major step in keeping our skin bright and healthy!

-Make sure that your skin is cleaned properly before you go to bed each night and when you wake up in the morning.

-If you work out on a regular basis, it is important that you also cleanse your skin after your workout as bacteria and sweat can build up on the skin.

Not cleansing your skin properly can lead to clogged pores due to the makeup particles and environmental dirt left on your skin.

This can attract bacteria and other microbes, causing acne and skin infections.

Proper cleansing of your skin involves a few key steps.

1. Begin by gently washing your face using a face wash or cleanser that is designed for your skin type (normal, oily, sensitive etc).

2. Remove any eye makeup that is on your eyelids, lashes or under the eye area. Use warm water to wash your face and gently pat dry with a soft towel or cotton ball. It is important that you follow this routine daily! both morning and night, and after working out.

Cleansing incorrectly can cause excessive drying, oily skin or even breakouts. For example, cleansing more than twice a day can strip your skin of natural oils, but not cleansing enough can lead to excess build-up and breakouts Guys!

4) Exfoliate Exfoliation is an important step to help you achieve fresh, clean skin that breathes. It is an essential step when trying to learn how to get clear skin. Oil, dry skin and makeup can clog your pores and while cleansing every night is important to rid your skin of this build up, it doesn’t fully solve the problem.

Exfoliation should be a part of your beauty routine at least once a week when applying techniques of how to get clear skin. This will ensure you are removing any dead skin cells to help refresh your skin. As you may already know, the benefits of exfoliation are endless...

¿How does that help me?

👉🏻Exfoliation helps to keep the outermost layer of your skin at its natural pH, protecting the layers of skin underneath. By removing the dead skin cells, exfoliation is essentially working as a moisturizer and allowing fresh, new cells to get out thus leaving your skin looking supple.

👉🏻Exfoliation also helps to improve the texture of your skin and can help revive tired, rough or dry skin.

Exfoliation is especially important as we AGE due to the fact that our skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells diminishes as we age. Dead and dull skin cells often make fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin stand out even more.

Exfoliating regularly will help to shed those dead skin cells!

If you experience breakouts of any kind (whiteheads, blackheads), exfoliating your skin will help to clear your pores and keep them clean and unclogged. When your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, oils from your skin can get trapped beneath the surface, which then causes pimples!

👉🏻Keep pores clean and clear by exfoliating at least once a week.

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